Irma’s Craft is a school where craft becomes real art

My name is Irma and I am a certified Deco ClayCraft Academy Instructor and founder of Irma’s Craft, the first Deco school in Sussex. As a busy Mum, I know how important it is to find the time to relax. My classes are in a cosy art room on Worthing seafront and they will help you to find inspiration and harmony in your life.


I first found out about Deco while living in Moscow in 2014.  At that time the Moscow Deco school was one of the biggest schools in Russia, from this year it has become the third in the world Deco Clay Craft Academy (after Tokyo and Honolulu).


My teacher Olga Petrova was the person, who brought this fantastic art from Japan to Europe. After my first lesson I understood that I would like spend my life creating with ClayCraft. That is why in 2016 I opened my own school. 

Today in Irma’s Craft I offer a lessons in six different curriculums.

Flowers 1 

Flowers 2 (available after Flowers 1)

Flowers 3 (only for certified instructors)

Tropical 1

Modeling 1 

Modeling 2 (available after Modeling 1) curriculums. 


Classes are held in two hour intervals with a maximum of six students in each class, allowing every student the opportunity to receive as much assistance as possible. We also offer private classes by appointment.


CLAYCRAFT by DECO is an innovative, air-dried modeling clay that is light, pliable, easy to work with and versatile. It is ideal for projects from the simplest to the most imaginative. With an endless array of color mixing possibilities, it’s perfect for detail work. Finished creations are not only beautiful; they are lightweight, soft to the touch, yet exceptionally durable for a lifetime of enjoyment. CLAYCRAFT by DECO is available in white, red, yellow, blue, green and black. Finished pieces air-dry to a firm constancy in 24 hours.

CLAYCRAFT by DECO originated in 1981, when Kazuko Miyai opened the DECO Clay Craft Academy. Since this time, Kazuko has authored over twenty DECO Clay Craft books and developed her own line of air-dry clays known as CLAYCRAFT by DECO Soft Clay. She has continued to develop and enhance her unique techniques to produce sophisticated and complex dimensions. Kazuko is well known in the clay crafting world and is still actively involved in certifying more than 5,000 instructors across the U.S., Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia and many more. Each year she exhibits her work and shares her latest techniques with audiences all over the world.

Yukiko Miyai, trained under her mother, brought this unique concept to Honolulu, Hawaii where she opened her first studio in 2000. Since its conception, this division has expanded throughout the State of Hawaii, California and beyond. The U.S. branch currently has over 3000 members, with more than 500 certified instructors of this unique art form. Yukiko has also diversified the product line through the introduction of a vast array of floral design techniques featured in her instructional books, Clay Art for Special Occasions, Clay Art for All Seasons and DECO Clay Flowers.  These techniques have drawn the attention from the master of crafting herself, as it was featured on the Martha Stewart show.